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The Evolution of Our Exclusive Programs and How They Will Help You….

PFC Services, Inc. offers a wide range of educational, consulting and facilitation services.  These are designed with you and your company in mind.  Over the years (even predating 2000 through our legacy companies), we have developed an expertise with the supply channel.  From sales to logistics to customer satisfaction, we can help you with all aspects of your business.  Certainly, our core programs have a tremendous return on investment!

With the natural evolution of the Millennial generation and the technological advancements, we merged business and personal strategies to create a common collaborative mission- succeed with both personal and career objectives.  In fact, one of our first programs dating back to the mid-1980s was entitled Improving YOUR Bottom Line- A Blueprint for Success.  The theory behind “Blueprint” was that a successful and satisfied group of employees would automatically optimize the business.  And this was certainly true.

While it is true that our supply chain knowledge and our leading edge single mission (family and business) set PFC Services, Inc. apart, it is simply not enough to maintain our competitive edge.  In the early 2000s we began to study the demand channel.  The fact is, companies that understand both the demand AND supply channels sell more, at a higher price.  They invest less working capital and they forecast more accurately.  These businesses, teams and individuals create a more satisfying buying experience.  The proper use of demand channel optimization techniques allows for a proper referral and repeat buying experience.  Plus, the network that you create is critical to succeed today.  The collection of our demand-based techniques, our knowledge of the supply channel and unique awareness of the power of the personal/business collaborative experience is what we refer to as DemandCentric™ services.

Let us show you how unique DemandCentric™ programs can work for you!  We suggest that you start by identifying three to five major challenges or untapped opportunities- send them to us!  We will schedule a complementary conference call or web-conference at a mutually agreeable time.  Let us show you how we can help you achieve your personal and business objectives.

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