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Our Specialized Programs cover such a wide range of topics and objectives that we cannot list them all here.  We suggest you let us know what you would like to achieve and we will respond with specific ideas, using our DemandCentric™ approach.  But, here are some questions/ideas that might help.

Sales and Sales Management– it really is all about sales.  Not just any sales- optimized sales!  We have 20 approaches to help you optimize all aspects of sales and sales management.  We do not just focus on making the sale- we help you develop a team that achieves optimal profitability and cash flow with an understanding of how to identify new opportunities and mitigate risk.  And, we train you on how to get your customers to sell for you.  All of this can be done with our standard programs or customized to your unique needs.

Expanding, Buying or Selling a Business?  We are here to help.  We complement your team and we can help you every step of the way.  We work extremely well with your other advisors to insure that you reach your goals.

Finance, Accounting, Human Resources or Administration Issues?  We can help.  With diverse skill sets ranging from accounting to IT to human resources to all of the interfaces they require, we can help supplement the areas where you need assistance.  We even have mentoring programs to help develop your new or existing team!

Operations, Customer Service and Technical Issues?  From general operations to customer satisfaction to certification programs we can help.  We assist companies with understanding and implementing “lean” concepts to Six Sigma work to Project Management or, define your objective with us and we will design a program just for you.

Motivation, Change and Continuous Improvement– isn’t it confusing?  Not really.  We understand that you and your associates have many goals in their personal lives and in their careers.  Our unique DemandCentric™ approach allows us to address these matters at the source- allowing you to optimize your business and at the same time create fulfilled and appreciative associates.  Specialty approaches include Rightasking™ and our assistance with understanding comfort zones and multi-dimensional thinking and problem solving will allow you and you team to go to places they only imagined.

Last Thought!  DemandCentric™- one more time?  Yes, any of our programs can be offered to YOUR customers- individuals or business to business.  We help them so that they will count on you to be their trusted advisor.  Referral and networking programs are especially helpful.

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